Timeshare Help for Frustrated Timeshare Owners

June 4, 2014 No Comments

Timeshare Help for Frustrated Timeshare OwnersI hear it all the time, “Stacy! I need timeshare help!” Due to the bad reputation that timeshare salespeople have gotten recently for making pie-in-the-sky promises about timeshares being a “good investment,” some timeshare companies have switched over to claiming that timeshares are a “great financial investment in vacationing.”  This, of course, is highly debatable. These days with all the amazing offers you’ll find all over the Internet at sites like Groupon and Orbitz, locking yourself into a timeshare contract can really work against you. Most of us don’t get too many vacation opportunities each year, so it’s best to leave your options open.

Of course, keeping your timeshare could be okay depending on your personal situation and if you’re utilizing your timeshare in the best possible way, you could definitely conserve money on vacationing over the years. But the intense planning and coordination of every little detail so that all of the members of the family can actually use the timeshare is tedious. If you don’t become a master of logistics and travel planning, the cost of your timeshare may become more of a burden than a savings.

Some of our readers have expressed that they’ve spent as many as 3 hours just to plot out a timeshare vacation for their family…and this they had to do a year in advance! Timeshare programs have become so complex and confusing, folks are starting to feel like they need to take a college course to figure out when, where and how they can use their timeshares. In fact, Timeshare Help could be a new college major!

If you’ve read any of my other posts you already know that I’m a big proponent of trashing your timeshare altogether and getting out from under these oppressive contracts and exorbitant fees.  However, in effort to try to help those who aren’t quite ready to give up and get out of their timeshares, I’ve done some research and came up with a few recommendations on the best ways to utilize your timeshare and keep your travel expenses to a minimum.

Complicated Changes in the Timeshare Reservations Process Require Timeshare Help

Whew! Even since I got rid of my timeshare, things have gotten more complex and confusing. Making reservations for your timeshare accommodations used to be fairly straight-forward. You’d buy a block of time for the week you wanted at the resort you wanted and that was that. Unfortunately, these days most of the biggies in the timeshare business like Sheraton, Westin and Disney, work off a “points system.” These are deeded points equivalent to about 7 nights at your preferred resort. These points are usually exchangeable for different locations and dates but there are different rules regarding their usage that you have to keep up on.

While there is more flexibility built into this timeshare model, it makes planning and reservation making a real nightmare for some people. There are deadlines, exchange rates and regulations you have to adhere to in order to get the weeks and resorts you want.  For me, making travel plans is complicated enough without all these guidelines to follow.  Sure, everybody wants to get the most for their money but not everybody has the time or patience to develop the skills of a mathematician, travel agent and 5-star general just to have a relaxing vacation with the family.

Miss a deadline and you could be totally out of luck for enjoying the holiday you’d hoped for.

Who Can You Turn to for Timeshare Help?

Instead of throwing your hands in the air and quitting in frustration, you can always employ the assistance of a professional travel agent to help you utilize your points effectively. While this will cost you more, it may be a better alternative than driving yourself crazy trying to set up your own points-based timeshare vacation.

You can also try to get timeshare help from the customer service representatives at your timeshare company, but again this can get confusing. Each timeshare company has different rules for points usage and you may get the run-around between resorts’ agents.

If you have the ability to contact the person from whom you bought the timeshare, they may be able to offer you the timeshare help you need to plan your trip. Since it’s their job to thoroughly understand the way the points systems work in order to sell them, they should be able to steer you in the right direction. However, getting ahold of the same timeshare salesperson you bought from could be a frustrating chore in itself.

Assuming you have the time and attention span, you could always attend a timeshare company webinar. Most of the larger timeshare corporations like Marriott and the like every so often will put on webinars to explain how things work. Sometimes at the end of the presentation, there will be a question-and-answer portion where you can actually get to talk to someone. These webinars are usually free of charge, but be ready for a sales pitch… usually they will try to sell you some sort of upgrade.  Just remember, if you’re having trouble managing the timeshare points you have, buying more will likely just add to your headaches! Use the information in the webinar as the source of timeshare help you’re looking for and ignore the sexy sales pitch. You already fell for that once. Don’t make your situation worse.

Ladies, (and gentlemen) take it from someone who has been through the timeshare trauma… There are better ways to invest your money and enjoy your vacations. If you can manage to get through the gauntlet of timeshare points systems, then you can plan your own timeshare-free vacations and find great deals in the process!

The best timeshare help I can offer is to contact Redemption and Release, LLC and get rid of that timeshare once and for all! They can offer all the help you need to get out of your timeshare contract and start enjoying timeshare freedom.