Redemption and Release Timeshare Scam Trauma

May 7, 2014 No Comments

Timeshare Scams – Can the “Hard Sell” Wreck Your Trust?

Redemption and Release Timeshare ScamTimeshare scam trauma is a growing epidemic worldwide. One side effect of having a bad experience with buying a timeshare is the feeling of having been taken for a fool. While not all timeshare companies use deceptive practices, the industry has become known for preying on people who are “too trusting.” It is a shame that in our modern society there is such a thing, but because most people are quick to sign on the dotted line after listening to an overly-optimistic timeshare pitch many end up disappointed and disillusioned. After all, the timeshare salesperson has¬†to tell the truth, don’t they? Aren’t they obligated by law and general business ethics to be completely honest? Sadly, the answer is not really. Though there are many laws in place and standards that they should be following, many timeshare companies are very slick in their presentations and play up the ‘grey-areas’ of timeshare ownership. It only makes sense that if they want to make the sale, they will exploit your weaknesses…whether that should be a deep love of your family time, a need to build your investment portfolio, or the idea of a perfect yearly vacation. Is it wrong to try to “give you what you want?” If it is at the expense of your financial stability, then the answer is always yes. Trust is a difficult thing to gain from a total stranger, and timeshare salespeople are well-trained to master the image of being trust-worthy. It is up to the potential timeshare buyer to do their homework before jumping in headfirst to timeshare ownership.

Timeshare Scam Lies and Half-Truths

The Internet is a great resource to find out the truth about timeshare companies’ reputations and dealings. However, the timeshare industry has become overrun with unethical tactics to keep the truth at bay. For example, if you ask about fluctuation in the amount of maintenance fees you’ll be charged, they will probably tell you that any increase would likely be minimal and manageable. Then months or years later, your monthly fees jump from $100 a month to $500 a month. Such a fee increase could literally ruin you financially if you are unable to cover this higher expense. Another situation you could find yourself in would be trying to resell your timeshare for the great “resale value” that your timeshare salesman assured you would be the case. The truth is that there are currently thousands of timeshares listed for sale on sites like Ebay, Craigslist and hundreds of other websites…where the owners may be convinced that someday someone will want to buy this “great deal.” Unfortunately, few timeshares ever sell this way and if they do it is for pennies (or even fractions of a penny) on the dollar you originally paid. To get out of a timeshare is a whole new exercise in trust. This side of the timeshare contract dilemma is also peppered with untrustworthy players. If you’re looking for a way out of your timeshare contract and have done any research, you’ve likely come across companies that claim that for a fee they will sell your timeshare forward or help you “donate” your timeshare for a tax write-off. ¬†Doing any amount of in-depth investigation will show that these schemes are also shady at best. More sleazy tactics and bait-and-switch double talking salespeople operate these businesses.

Redemption and Release Timeshare Scam Research Reveals the Truth

This is why I always recommend Redemption and Release, LLC to my friends and followers who need desperately to get out of their timeshares. I just tell people, “Google Redemption and Release Scam.” When they do, they find that not only are there ZERO complaints about Redemption and Release timeshare redemptionservices anywhere, but they have top rating with BBB and several other online business rating companies. These companies’ sole purpose is to reassure prospective clients that companies are trustworthy…or on the flip side, to let people know to proceed with caution! Redemption and Release scam searches turn out to be more of a reassurance that this is a company that has helped thousands of former timeshare owners get rid of their timeshares in a “timely” fashion, at an affordable cost. It’s a shame that what was sold to you as an investment that would grow in value has turned out to be a huge liability, but this is the nature of the beast. A timeshare redemption company with the credentials and positive track record of Redemption and Release is worthy of your trust. Their process is transparent, and they call you and keep you updated at every step of the process! Anyone who has given a company money to perform service can appreciate the value of this kind of customer service. In most cases, you have to constantly make phone call after phone call to find out what is going on with your case. Not true of Redemption and Release! They really listen to your concerns and take a lot of time to explain the whole timeshare redemption process.

Don’t Quit…Find Out Who’s Legit!

At this point, you are probably feeling like there is nobody you can trust. To be lied to on your way into timeshare ownership and on your way out of the mess you found yourself in can be frustrating and depressing. That’s why it’s important that you check with the the top online business rating companies like Dun & Bradstreet and local Chambers of Commerce to investigate if a company has consumer complaints filed against it. Thank goodness there are these bastions of business ethics in place! These days, it’s they only real way to find out if the company you’re considering working with will do right by you and give you the help you need without doing anything underhanded just to get your money. You’ve spent enough money on your timeshare purchase and maintenance already. You can’t afford to haphazardly throw your dollars around on “solutions” with no guarantee of successfully ending your timeshare obligations.