Mountain State Resales Timeshare Scam

September 9, 2014 No Comments

Mountain State Resales Timeshare ScamIt would seem that the courts are becoming clogged with timeshare resale scam artists, and yet timeshare owners still keep falling for the timeshare resale schemes again and again. This week, 47-year-old David Andrew Glynn of Charleston, SC entered a plea of guilty in federal court in response to charges that he conspired to commit fraud against timeshare owners in both the U.S. and throughout Canada.

According to U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin, Glynn actually set up a phony company called Mountain State Resales, LLC in order to pose as a timeshare resale firm. Glynn and his cohorts proceeded to contact timeshare owners and convince them that his company had eager buyers that wanted to purchase their timeshares. The fraudsters would then require the timeshare owners to pay fees and closing costs to facilitate the “sale” of the timeshares.

The Timeshare Scams Just Keep Coming!

In an even more diabolical and audacious endeavor, Glynn pursued timeshare owners who’d fallen victim to previous fraudulent timeshare scams, with the purpose of scamming the victims again. Mr. Glynn presented himself as a representative of a pseudo-government entity, which he called the “Internal Revenue Recovery Associates.”  This completely imaginary entity of Mr. Glynn’s creation was described to timeshare owners as an affiliate of a governmental agency in charge of investigating the resale timeshares scam. He would then proceed to convince the timeshare scam victims to send him money to facilitate Internal Revenue Recovery Associates’ efforts to recover the victims’ stolen funds.

At the court hearing, David Andrew Glynn confessed that MSR took in greater than $86,000 from the timeshare scams, as reported by a news source. The appeal agreement requires Glynn to make complete and total restitution to the victims of his timeshare scams. Sentencing in the case is scheduled to take place November 24, 2014.

Get Rid of That Timeshare Without Getting Burned

These types of resale scams are burning through the wallets of timeshare owners who desperately seek a way to both get out of their timeshare contracts that are costing them thousands per year, but also want to try to recoup at least some of the money they invested in their timeshares.

People find it difficult to accept the fact that what they thought was an asset that they’d “bought” is really nothing more than a liability that they have to pay for in perpetuity. As a result, the frequently jump blindly off the “timeshare resale cliff” in hopes that there’s safety net at the bottom. Of course, there is NO timeshare resale market worth investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in “listing fees” or “closing costs.”

Timeshare owners need to avoid being led down the garden path with promises of thousands of dollars at the end. Even though governments are cracking down on this type of timeshare resale scam, it is impossible to catch all the crooks, and even less likely that victims will receive restitution. The best defense is to simply hang up the phone when the telemarketers call and tear up the postcards that come in the mail. If it seems like a dream come true, it is more likely a nightmare about to happen. Timeshare Redemption is the one safe and guaranteed way to get out of a timeshare contract. There is no need to perpetuate the timeshare problem or make it worse by falling for a resales timeshare scam.