Q: Stacy, why can’t I just sell my timeshare?

A: As you may have already discovered, the timeshare resale industry is mainly comprised of scam artists and rip-offs. These companies promise they have a “phantom” buyer lined up that will buy your timeshare from you. None of this is true. The fact is, it is virtually impossible to get rid of a timeshare without the professional assistance of a company like Redemption and Release, LLC. No average person wants a poor performing timeshare, only corporations who can repurpose them.

Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who are just trying to give away their timeshare for FREE. These are the clients that ultimately should choose timeshare liquidation services, similar to those of Redemption and Release, LLC

QWho is best served by Redemption and Release?


  • Those who are tired of rising maintenance fees and unexpected special assessments
  • Those who are concerned about their children inheriting their timeshare
  • Those who are frustrated with the exchange companies
  • Those who realize they can go on vacation for much cheaper without their timeshare
  • Widowed or divorcees who no longer travel with their intended partners

Q: Who is responsible for my fees in the future?

A: From the moment you choose Redemption and Release your property immediately begins the Timeshare Redemption process. At the conclusion of this quick and proprietary method, you no longer remain liable for any fees – whatsoever!


Q:What does it mean for a property to qualify?

A:  Redemption and Release reviews each property to make sure it is not on their “Do Not Accept” list. Also, the majority of the timeshares are paid in full, however, they do have a few exceptions to the rule. Contact Redemption and Release to ensure your property qualifies.