September 30, 2012 6 Comments

 It’s Comment Time Girls!

This is their website ( For those of you who have a timeshare, go check out their services. For those of you who dont, leave your comments about what you think about the timeshare industry. The timeshare industry has a lot of questionable companies popping up every day and having reviews for these companies helps us all differentiate the good from the bad.  Remember, your Redemption and Release reviews are what keeps this site going!


Redemption and Release Reviews Help Others Find Out if Timeshare Redemption Can Help Them, Too!

What are your Redemption and Release reviews?

  • Chikka_Tan

    Thanks Stacy! Another great little write up. How do you constantly get all these great sites to review? We DONT have a timeshare however we came close many times. We even bought one once and then canceled the next day. I can see why there is a big need for people to pay to get out of their timeshare in todays market.

    • KWesting45

      I wish we were one of the lucky ones who said “no” when we went to that stupid presentation. I think that everyone in the timeshare industry just lies or says whatever they have to say to get the sale.
      We are definitely paying to get rid of our timeshare. Has anyone actually used Redemption and Release? The reviews so far seem good.
      Please help.

  • MiniVanBigTan

    Very cool site, beautifully written article. And yes, we are timeshare owners. I couldnt agree more about how financially draining our timeshare is! Thanks for the advice, I didnt even know companies like this existed.

  • Jlamor67

    So far so good!
    Our Wydnham timeshare is scheduled to be done by Jan 1st. Never going to another resort presentation ever again – strictly cruising 😉

  • Jimmy99

    Here are my redemption and release reviews:

    It’s the only company that followed through on its guarantees. I paid 7 or 8 companies before them and none of them could do anything with my timeshare. Redemption and release helped a lot though.

  • adam

    So, I talked to a rep and they said that redemption and release reviews each case that comes to them to make sure they can help. I’m skeptical but they seem to have the most positive testimonials I’ve seen.